What is particularly interesting about the visual artist Noa Ain is the fact that she is also a consummate musician and composer, with a history of distinguished musical accomplishments that include both pop culture as well as operas, film scores and play writing. The result in her painting is a translation of her powerful lyrical musical understanding into a formal painterly framework that morphs tone into color and meter into shape. Furthermore these formal painterly skills relate to all sorts of life forms, and like her music, are emblems of her humane and caring spirit.


The results, again as in her music, are about how she savors life and we can access it directly, without the intervention of a tortured crucial exegesis. Her recent paintings of plant forms, of leaves wet with rain and lyrically flowing with color that is both naturalistic yet invented, have a visual pleasure that almost insinuates a musical score. The scale of these paintings are large without overburdening the scale of the subject matter. If there is an associative art lurking in her work, -all art piggybacks prior art- it is in the large flower forms of Georgia O'Keefe, but here the similarities end abruptly. Noa Ain's works are pliant melodies of color and form that are elegies to nature rather than the graphic, iconic constructors found in O'Keefe.


The paintings by Noa Ain fall within the canon of modernist aesthetics by hewing a delicate balance between the observed form and the artist's visual recreation of it in two dimensional terms. The flat patter making application of subtle, yet vibrantly resonating color, attest to her music based abstract temperament; the pictures are about the world around us.