Tom Smith is a New York based visual artist working in multiple disciplines from painting, sculpture, installation and video art. His practice explores abstraction through process and experimentation. Tom creates a surreal world in his works through his exploration of light, space and colour. His works have a very distinct aesthetic and consistent energy throughout each medium that he explores.

Smith is especially interested in the ways our perceptions are influenced by TV, the Internet and film. He is prolific in his practice and his inspiration comes through process and making. Inspired by the aesthetic of digital art, there is a digital quality to his work, which is reflected, in his unique, vibrant and radiant palette.

Tom’s works are alive and vivid. He collages images together giving layers to his work, playing with color and interactions of imagery. The collage and layer aspect to Tom’s works gives depth and volume to his work.

Smith attended Maryland Institute College of Art and received his MFA from The School of Visual Arts in New York. Tom has exhibited work widely internationally and across America. His works are very digitally influenced and have a digital look to them yet are very manual and analogue in their making.