Leila Jeffreys (b. Papua New Guinea) was raised in Perth, Australia, however thanks to her very adventurous parents, spent much of her childhood travelling. This included time in Nasrapur, India, a small village 140 kilometres south east of Mumbai. Jeffreys grew up surrounded by wildlife and forest both in Australia and abroad, sparking her interest in the natural world.

Jeffreys went on to study photography as part of a bachelor of arts degree at Murdoch University and Curtin University in Perth. Jeffreys continued her studies in Sydney, completing an Advanced Certificate III in Photography from Ultimo TAFE College.

Jeffreys began documenting birds by way of photographic portraiture in 2008 when she realised that it was because of their small size that the beauty in the commonplace was being missed.

"Through a unique combination of technical skill, ingenuity, patience and empathy, Leila creates objects of art that are luxurious visual pleasures in themselves. By abstracting her subjects from their accustomed context, she demands focus on form, composition and colour. Stark and warm, objective and celebratory at the same time, her photographs not only enhance our personal surroundings by their own decorative presence, but expand our joyous understanding of the world we inhabit, yes customarily see so incompletely in the short time allowed to us."

- Dr Sarah Engledow, Historian (National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia)

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